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Grateful I was able to share some thoughts and memory's at Randy's service

It was the best of times and the worst of times…if there ever was a statement that personified my relationship with Randy that would be it.  And I would guess you all would relate to that as well.  Thank you Charles Dickens for the perfect opening line!  

That said, I wouldn’t trade in our friendship for all of the money in the world.  And anyone that was close with Randy knows exactly what I mean.  He was the most thoughtful, generous and loving friend one could ask for.  He would do anything for someone he loved.  I’ve never in my entire life had a friend that I felt had my back more than Randy.  He said what he thought without thinking about consequences and after the fight we moved on. 
When he loved he loved with all of his heart and soul.  There was never a doubt in my mind that he would always be there if I needed him even over the last decade that we weren’t close.  I’m totally 100% sure that if I said I needed him for anything he would do it in a flash.  For me the word that exemplifies Randy is authentic. 
The passion and intensity that he brought to our friendship is the way he lived his life.   Whether it was his relationships or business or his travels if he did it, it was big, it was bold, it was explosive and for the good and not as good that was Randy.

Right after we met he invited me to a Billy Joel concert.  He picked me up at my showroom on a motorcycle…I was like WTF???  And that ride took us through decades of shared B’days with Alan, Patrick & Mitch as we all turned the next age one after the other.  There were many Sunday night dinners that we all cooked together, a few weekend trips all disasters at the time but somehow became fond memories for both of us and many, many gift shows with all of us together and…. sadly too many scares where we were rushing him to the hospital.  Somehow we always found a way to find a laugh when he was sick.  One time he was in the hospital and opened his eyes, looked at me and said “while you’re here maybe you can find a cute Dr” or joking how we had seen the inside of so many hospitals we could write a book or do a tour of the best and worst hospitals in LA.  Only with Randy could you be in a hospital room terrified and worried yet finding the humor and laughing together.

Last but not least, we all know when Randy got something in his head it became an action, a decisive and often spontaneous action.  So when he decided to get me a dog for my 29th B’day he didn’t ask if I wanted a dog or if I wanted a dog what kind dog I might want he just said “get in the car, we’re going to pick up your B’day present”.  We arrived at his friend Glen’s house to find Jack Russell Terrier Puppies, we left with my Sadie.  What a perfect gift, she loved me and brought me so much joy and pleasure (just like Randy) but she couldn’t argue with me like Randy!  The dots that connect the best things in my 20’s and 30’s will always link Randy in some way and all the good and joy and love he brought to my life will give me comfort until my last breath.  He’s gone from this earth but he’ll never be gone from our hearts.


In Memory of my Dear Friend Randy Slater

Jude, Randy, Me & Mitch
One of the many B'day's we shared together, this was at the Four Seasons
Randy, me, Alan, Mitch & Patrick
Randy's B'day party at my house & we played pin the penis on the man
Randy in my pool with Sadie and Sophia

                      My birthday with Randy and Alan at the Ivy          

Randy loved to garden and gutted my whole front yard to "make it right"
Randy and I with our beloved girls Sophia and Sadie

Randy and I took my nephews Jason and Gary to Hard Rock at Beverly Center for lunch then walked through the mall. This was a spontaneous moment in a clothing store and before the days of phones with cameras ~ just got lucky I had my camera!

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Don't let Life get in the way of your Dreams

I'm very excited to share my commercial featuring a tag line that I have trademarked. I have my ideas but watch it and post what company you think this slogan would be a good match for